Experience vs Expertise??

Like any industry, there are a lot of Conveyancers promoting their ‘experience’, and with Social Media and Google Ad Words etc, it is really easy to reach a lot of people. And because they say they are experienced, they must be – right? WRONG.

You are only reading their biased view of their own ‘experience’ – an advert to attract clients. But how do you REALLY know what you are getting?

I have been skydiving – once. So I could say that I have ‘skydiving experience’….but am I an expert? No. Do I really have the expertise required to handle the technical requirements of skydiving – absolutely not.

A seemingly obvious example, but did you know in South Australia you can finish your Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing, register a business and start conveyancing with Z E R O practical experience in the field? Seems like an incredibly risky path for clients, considering the high level of responsibility required to undertake a conveyancing transaction.

Now don’t get me wrong, not everyone who starts their own Conveyancing business is inexperienced, but you can see how easy it is to claim “experience with” or “knowledge of” without actually being an expert or having worked as a registered conveyancer for very long.

I have seen some Conveyancers, who advertise that they can perform Grants of Easements and complex Land Divisions on their website, get stumped on residential transactions!

So how do you find an experienced and competent conveyancer?

  • Don’t just go for the cheapest – in fact never go for the cheapest. Cheap work is not good, and good work is not cheap.
  • Don’t be fooled by an online presence, anyone can tell you how great they are, just ask them!
  • Do interview your Conveyancer. If you are doing a Land Division, Grant of Easement, or Family Farm transfer, make sure they know what they are doing. Ask questions!! Such as, how long will this take? Are there any Government approvals required when you extinguish or create these Easements? How many of these transactions have you handled independently and successfully before? How long since becoming registered have you actually worked independently as a Conveyancer?
  • Do make sure they are members of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers AND a Certified Practising Conveyancer (CPC), which means they undergo the appropriate ongoing professional development in the field of conveyancing every year.
  • Do make sure they meet your NEEDS. Do they engage with / respond to you, are they accessible and approachable, are they well regarded in the industry?

Too often we see some of the most stressful times in our clients’ lives made worse by incompetent conveyancers, who tout themselves as experienced, but often are very far from it. So for expertise – contact us.



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