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End of Financial Year check up…

April 15, 2016 Feels like yesterday we were just celebrating Christmas… and now we are thinking about EOFY!! We are often asked questions about tax issues and refer you to your accountant. Settlements will often need to be revisited at tax time, here are some tips leading up to EOFY from an expert in the field, Mark Wyld. […] Read More

South Australian Property Only a “byte” Away From Becoming Digital

April 7, 2016 South Australian Property Only a “byte” Away From Becoming Digital It is befitting that South Australia, the birth place of the Torrens System, is currently introducing the most comprehensive property reforms in the nation; culminating in the launch of eConveyancing. With alignment training complete, Marshall Conveyancing Group are at the forefront of the changes that […] Read More

So you want to be a property developer? You must read this!

April 3, 2016 Jess Caire, our Owner and Registered Conveyancer sits down with long time client and property developer, Amanda McEwin to get some insight into what property development means for her and some useful tips for anyone considering it. Amanda is a full time property developer specializing in knock downs and re building new townhouses. It began […] Read More

GST on Property

March 16, 2016 This week we are lucky enough to have Shaun Williams, Accountant from Chan Naylor talk to us about the cringe worthy subject of GST on property transactions! Shaun clears it up for us beautifully. GST on Property Transactions One of the most frequent questions we get asked by property investors is if there is GST […] Read More

Refinancing to buy a new property… Read this first!

March 9, 2016 Using equity for your next home? Keep these tips in mind   So you’ve got a nice bit of equity in your home? Great! And you’re using that to help fund your next home? Even better! We’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way people borrow in the last decade. Whereas once the dream was […] Read More

Do I need a survey?

February 23, 2016 This week we are lucky enough to have Chris Minchin, Licensed Surveyor from Steed Surveyors and Land Divisions to talk about when a survey is required. Do I need a survey? There are circumstances in which a person might need to have a survey of their boundaries done in order to determine the correct position […] Read More

South Australia leads the pack on Stamp Duty Reforms!

February 9, 2016 The State Government released Tax reforms in 2015 – but what does it mean for you? What about the timing and the changes? It seems the State Government are serious about attracting business to South Australia and the staged tax reforms announced in the 15/16 Budget are a major reform for business in SA… So […] Read More

Don’t let your swimming pool sink your deal!!

January 26, 2016 Swimming pools can be an attractive feature this time of year, but they tend to be one of the biggest grey areas during a property sale. Often by the time the deal is struck and the contract is signed, many of the complexities have been overlooked, or misunderstood. So if you are considering selling, or […] Read More

Purchasing a house? When do you need insurance?

November 17, 2015 You’ve entered into a Contract to buy a property – so when should you insure the property? Purchasers are always asking us, when do they need an insurance policy for the property they are buying? They are almost always surprised when we tell them that they need a cover note from the moment the cooling […] Read More

The hidden costs of buying a property… continued

October 20, 2015 As we discussed last topic, there are a lot of fees to consider when buying a property. Stamp Duty and LTO fees have been discussed, so what else is there? RATES & TAXES Council Rates -Council rates are adjusted between the vendor and purchaser as at the settlement date. Rates are apportioned between the parties […] Read More

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