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Do YOU know your own boundaries?

May 16, 2017 Does your land border a river, public road or parcel of government land? Do you know where your boundaries really start and finish? To answer these questions, we must first look at the definition of boundaries; so here’s a little history on the subject for you: In South Australia, the Land Services Group is responsible […] Read More

Renovate or Detonate?

April 5, 2017 Looking for the suburb of your dreams? Right school zone? Close to shops? Near the city or the water? There are so many factors to consider!  So what if you find the right block, but the house…..well it leaves a little bit to be desired?! Would you fix it? Could you renovate a house? I […] Read More

Land Tax – what you need to know

March 24, 2017 At Marshall Conveyancing we are all about professionalism, convenience and wherever we can – saving you money! Land Tax is an area where we can assist you in these savings! Time and again we see people rush in, super eager to sign, to invest and get busy building their future, but by rushing in without […] Read More

How EVERYONE can benefit from flexible working conditions

March 6, 2017 How EVERYONE can benefit from flexible working conditions  – Sarah Cross  “Flexible working conditions” – are these words feared by employers? Are employees still too scared to ask for them? Or are we slowly moving toward an era where flexible working conditions are being recognised for delivering major benefits for both the employer and the employee […] Read More

The low-down on approvals

March 4, 2017 At Marshall Conveyancing Group we are often asked about the approval process for development, in particular – land divisions. And it isn’t an easy answer! Land divisions developments are a common applications in rural areas of South Australia (like where we’re based!). FYI – A land division is when you cut a parcel of land into […] Read More


January 20, 2017 So what does buying a piece of land really cost you? It’s only the purchase price, fees, government charges and maybe some extra money to put up a few fences, right? WRONG! Prospective land owners often forget to consider what the land could cost after it’s yours. And no, I’m not talking about council rates! […] Read More

Why we have welcomed eConveyancing

January 17, 2017  Since its launch in July 2016, SA conveyancers have welcomed the PEXA platform with the most pleasing aspect being the number of small conveyancing firms embracing the new technology. For years it was suggested that ‘big firms’ would eventually roll over smaller practitioners, with the PEXA platform inadvertently assisting in this steam roll. But we […] Read More

Reap what you sow… Farm Succession Planning

December 7, 2016 As the older generation on a family farm, you might often wonder “when is the right time to transfer the farm to our children?” How do we protect our own financial security? What would happen should the family experience one of the D’s – death, divorce or departure from the farm? Cue succession planning which, […] Read More

We all like the idea of a white picket fence…but here are the facts about fences.

September 29, 2016   Fences! You can understand why most people assume that existing fences are where they are supposed to be. After all, why would someone allow a neighbour effectively ‘take over’ a section of land that doesn’t belong to them by allowing a fence to be put in the wrong spot? But as Conveyancers, we see […] Read More

Buying off the plan – saves on stamp duty – but does it save you headaches?

September 14, 2016 Buying “off the plan” means just that. You buy based on the designs and plans put in a contract from the developer. The property is not yet built. Depending on the developer you may get a selection of fixtures and fittings for the property, but usually no structural changes are allowed. Buying off the plan […] Read More

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