The benefits of using a law firm for your conveyancing.

This can be a contentious issue, with many arguments for and against, but I write this article from my own experience of running a conveyancing firm for 8 years and remembering the many times where I wished I had the backing of a law firm.

In either type of firm you will find a qualified team of conveyancers who will attend to your transaction, ensuring it is professionally and smoothly handled. That is certainly the case most of the time, but there are always files that go terribly wrong – where the client will need a lawyer – and this is where the benefits of using a law firm for your conveyancing kick in.

Benefit one – conveyancers are not allowed, nor are they qualified, to give legal advice on a contract. If your property transaction gets to this point, a lawyer can seamlessly take over the file from the conveyancer, meaning no lost time for you to find a lawyer and bring them up to speed.

Benefit two – if you are a client who tackles big projects, developments, or requires “out of the ordinary” conditions drafted for a contract – you need an experienced contract lawyer to make sure those special conditions are effective in protecting you, and cover all possible scenarios. Having this expertise all under one roof can make this process happen faster, and you have a diverse team that is working for you.

Benefit three – complex conveyancing (I’m talking about vesting of land to Councils, easements, complex community corporation schemes – the list goes on) is done by very few conveyancers solo (i.e. without the assistance of a lawyer). But if you are already using a law firm, you can be assured that a lawyer will work closely with the conveyancer to ensure the job is done correctly.

Benefit four – sadly, death is a reality we are all face d with, and sometimes people are required to sell property at this time. Grants of Probate, New Wills or Power of Attorney documents are required, but if you use a law firm for your conveyancing, Probate can also be handled by the same firm. This ensures no communication breakdowns between parties and that your family matters will be finalised as quickly as possible.

Benefit five – When you use a conveyancer within a Law Firm, you can ask questions about other types of transactions such as wills, powers of attorney and other matters where you need a lawyer’s advice. Complex issues that may arise out of the transaction, such as estate planning, land tax or CGT considerations, can all be handled in the same office.

To achieve real peace of mind, knowing you have an entire firm of professionals working toward your common goal is priceless. People may wrongly assume that a by using a law firm to attend to their conveyancing means they will have to pay a “per minute” lawyer rates, but at Johnston Withers (incorporating Marshall Conveyancing), we pride ourselves on delivering professional services at a standard conveyancing prices.

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